Remember the Future

What we do today informs who we become as people and what our future may hold.

We study history to understand from whence we have come, how our civilization evolved and how the patterns of our thought processes arose. We recall how events have affected our lives and analyze our recollections endlessly in an attempt to understand who we are and upon what values we base our behavior.

As we evolve, we often forget that understanding the past not only provides us with information to understand the present but also the ability to project the results of what we do today into the future. We can choose not only to remember the past but also to remember the future which arises out of our actions today. If we act, speak and behave today in ways outcomes, we can help create satisfying, happy results for the future.

We make our own choices. We can recognize that resentment should yield to compassion, anger to understanding, grief to acceptance, and contempt to respect. In that spirit, we can decide to be kind even if others are not, learn to understand and forgive, thus creating good will and peace in our hearts and lives and those of others within our community and family.