Co-Parenting Seminars

Co-Parenting Seminars now offered

Many of America ’s children can expect to grow up in home situations with their biological parents living in separate locations. Parents, whether divorced, separated, or never married, are faced by the challenge to create a working co-parenting relationship for the benefit of their children.

“Co-Parenting is a business-like, future focused relationship between separated and/or divorced parents that needs to be worked out in order for children to thrive in a two-household family.”

remember the future

Professional Mediators of Virginia is now offering seminars for parents who have been ordered by the Courts to attend a Co-Parenting class.

“Co-Parenting: Two Parents, Two Homes” is a four hour seminar that is intended to provide information about the impact of separation and divorce on children. The curriculum was developed to help parents focus on the responsibilities of parenting from separate households while keeping children out of the middle during custody, visitation, and child support negotiations.

Participants will learn what to expect when the courts get involved. They will be taught skills and techniques to design parenting agreements that allow children to thrive in healthy environments.

This class meets the parent education guidelines established by the
Supreme Court of Virginia.

The “Co-Parenting: Two Parents Two Homes” class was designed in 1995 by Fairfax County Public Schools (FCPS), a family therapist and a parent educator/family mediator.

The next Co-Parenting class will be held

On the third Saturday of each month
From 9 am – 1:30 pm

NOTE:  If fewer than 5 people enroll for a class, that class will NOT be held. Check this website for up to date information prior to your class

Over time, partners tend to create patterns of communication that are destructive to the relationship and undermine the connection both of them want to maintain.. It is difficult for any couple to find a way through crisis situations that may lead to separation and divorce while maintaining the same level of respect, regard and appreciation for each other as before the relationship was challenged.

A lack of communication skills often deepens the conflict between the partners and increases their level of anguish, distrust, anger, and frustration to a point of no return.

The end of a relationship may sometimes be avoided if a couple can learn to communicate.