Child Custody, Visitation & Support

Child custody issues are one of the most important aspects of finalizing a divorce arrangement.  No asset is greater than your children and you need to do what you can to protect their well-being.  Unfortunately, many parents use their children as tools during divorce.  Mediation can help you avoid this and make it possible for you and your former spouse to settle issues related to custody, visitation, and support in a respectful and peaceful manner.

Nobody wants to hurt their children but, despite all effort to the contrary, this can often happen in families when parents no longer want to be married. You and your spouse both want what is best for your kids, but you both need help settling issues about his or her life, mediation can help.  Respectful, constructive discussion about the matters affecting your child is essential in creating an arrangement that works for the adults and the children in a family.

If you and your spouse wish to retain control of the decisions about custody, visitation, and financial support for your child, you need an experienced mediator to facilitate conversations about these complex issues.  PMV, a mediation firm in Locust Grove, VA, can create a comfortable and less stressful environment, where you and your spouse can stay focused on what is most important: your children and their well-being. Call PMV at 540-854-9732 for a consultation.