Business Disputes

Business disputes can be complicated and emotional.  In addition to dealing with the “nuts and bolts” decisions of business, you might also have personal ties to those involved in a dispute, especially if you are a business owner.  For example, settling a dispute with an employee or business associate is tough and can result in damaging the relationship long term.  Utilizing mediation to settle business disputes is one of the most effective ways to protect business relationships and return to the most important issue caring for your business.

The benefits of settling a business dispute with mediation include:

    • Improved efficiency
    • Reduced expense
    • Confidentiality
    • Retaining business and personal relationship

Whether a dispute must be settled between co-workers or there are contract issues between business associates, an experienced Virginia mediator can facilitate productive communication.  Mediation makes it possible to view disputes from all angles and really understand where the other party is coming from.  Settling a business dispute with mediation is mutually beneficial. It is one of the best ways to restore trust and enable a relationship to continue in a constructive manner.

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