Property Divisions

Aside from decisions related to the children and custody, property division is one of the most highly contested issues in Virginia divorces.  This is because there is so much value both monetary and emotional attached to property.  Not only do spouses want to ensure they are treated fairly regarding the financial value of their home and other assets, they also want a safe, secure place to live and to raise their children once they are divorced.  Dividing property in a divorce can be a contentious battle unless couples are willing to compromise.

Mediation can help couples reach a fair arrangement regarding property divisions.  For instance, if the debate is over the family home, a mediator can help each spouse see the pros and cons of selling the home and splitting the profits or in exploring other possible solutions.

Mediation is also effective when property divisions must be made that do not include a divorcing couple.  For instance, if family members are attempting to divide inherited property among several relatives, mediation makes it easier to discuss issues in a controlled environment and to reach a compromise.

If you want to avoid the long-term damage that disputes about property may cause, mediation can help.  Contact PMV today at 540-854-9732 for more information.