About PMV

Professional Mediators of Virginia (PMV) started in 2007 when a group of professional mediators came together to develop an organization able to serve clients involved in many types of disputes. PMV has steadily grown since it was founded and now uses the services of four Supreme Court Certified mediators who have handled over 2000 cases since 2007.

We are a local organization that provides mediation services to individuals and organizations in Orange, Louisa, Culpeper and Spottsylvania Counties. Our firm uses professional Supreme Court Certified mediators to help people find ways of resolving their differences without going to court.

Our mediators have served the area for over seven years by providing help with disputes involving neighbors, businesses, tenants and landlords, consumers, former spouses, separating couples, and non-profit organizations. We also provide special services for those disputes that arise out of cultural, age, race, and gender bias, as well as other issues of diversity.


Our Mission

To provide professional and respectful mediation and facilitation services in conflict resolution to the people of Central Virginia.

To increase understanding of Alternative Dispute Resolution so those in conflict will reach out for such services more readily.

Who we are…

  • James T. Oyler
  • Camilla Moon
  • Dotty Larson
  • Ann Stanford
  • Adam J. Maddeny
  • Pie Dumas
Mr. Oyler attended University College and Prince Georges Community College majoring in Business Administration. He is a retired business owner and a retail POS consultant. He is knowledgeable in all aspects of POS hardware and software systems. Jim is a certified mediator for General District, Juvenile & Domestic Relations and Family Circuit Courts. He has mediation experience is in Contracts, Business/Consumer Relations, Corporate, Maritime, Underground Utilities, Custody, Visitation, Child Support and Equitable Distribution. Jim mediates in the courts of Orange, Louisa, Spotsylvania, Culpeper and Madison. Virginia Court Certified Mediator Judicial Jurisdictions Mediator Services: Circuit 15 Circuit 16 Circuit 20 http://webdev.courts.state.va.us/drs/mediators/1653.html
Camilla Moon has served as a Certified VA Court mediator since 2007. She has facilitated over 700 court referred conflict mediation’s for families who are dissolving their relationship and must settle the custody, visitation and support of their children. The many win-win solutions she has crafted for the parties are testimony to her mediation success. Camilla also mediates in the General District Courts and is certified to perform divorce mediation’s in the VA Circuit Courts. Ms. Moon mediated with the Piedmont Dispute Resolution Center, a community mediation center, and served as President of their Board of Directors. Camilla grew up in the UK and emigrated to the US where she first worked at an embassy in Washington. After moving to New York City, Camilla worked for IBM World Trade. She left New York to work at Harvard University as an administrator. She later earned a BS degree from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst in 1977. Camilla has also been a real estate agent and most recently owned a retail custom jewelry business.
Dotty Larson has been mediating for over thirty (30) years and is certified as a Family Mediator and Mentor by the Judicial Council of Virginia. Ms. Larson was the founding Director of the Prince William County Office of Dispute Resolution from 1992 through 2008. Her work in the mediation field has earned her several awards and accolades, the latest being the Robert L. Marsh Award, which was presented to her by the Prince William County Bar Association “in recognition of exemplary service to the public and legal community” on November 1, 2019.
Ann believes that every family possesses unique expertise for collaboratively resolving their family conflict. She provided court services and alternative dispute resolution skills through the Fairfax County Juvenile and Domestic Relations District Court for over thirty years. Before she retired from the court in 2017, Ann served as the court’s Mediation Coordinator, mediating family cases full-time for more than five years. Since then, Ann has enjoyed working as a trainer, mentor for new mediators, and contract mediator. The Supreme Court of Virginia lists Ann as a certified family mediator with a particular interest in using distance mediation technology such as Zoom and telephone conferencing tools for parties seeking to resolve matters regarding custody, parenting planning, and support with any Virginia Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court. At George Mason University, Ann Stanford earned a Master’s in Interpersonal Mediation and Justice Studies and a Conflict Analysis and Resolution Advanced Skills Certificate.
Adam J. Maddeny is a conflict resolution specialist who’s been mediating disputes since 2006. He is a mediator certified by the VA Supreme Court in GDC, JDR and CCF courts and is an Arbitrator with FINRA. Mr. Maddeny facilitates mediation sessions for private and public clients including the U.S. Department of State, Arlington County Government, the District of Columbia Office of Police Complaints, and the States of Virginia and Hawaii Court Systems. Mr. Maddeny holds an MS in Conflict Analysis and Resolution, an Executive MBA and a BS in Decision Science. In addition to leading mediations, he trains groups, parties and individuals in conflict resolution, collaboration and negotiation.
Pie is motivated by serving others-as a certified Virginia court mediator, she supports her clients to strive for open-minded communication; to be thoughtful, truthful and focus on their desired highest outcomes. Her compassionate approach to listening for the expressed feelings and needs as well as those not expressed helps clients to feel heard, validated and reassured in the process. As a certified Life Coach, Pie inspires her clients to live with focused attention, to cultivate active-listening and non-violent communication skills, and to discover their meaningful life purpose. Pie’s full life has included filmmaking, accounting, a singing career, world adventure travel, designing and building her home, writing/publishing, accomplished Toastmaster, and volunteer work. She was a long-term volunteer mentor at the regional jail in Charlottesville, Virginia, having begun her mentoring work at a maximum facility in Upstate New York in 1990.