Elder Care Issues

Aside from child custody and visitation, elder care issues may be the most sensitive dispute to arise in a family.  Often, elder care is about who is responsible for the care of an elderly loved one, but other emotional issues can come into play.  When a family is faced with difficult decisions about older relatives, mediation can help.

When an elder care dispute arises, such as whether or not to place a loved one under nursing home care, it is important all parties feel their views are heard and understood.  Likewise, it is important that the individual who is the subject of the dispute be treated with respect and consideration.  His or her needs are the most important factor in settling the dispute and, regardless of what each family member wants, it is imperative the needs and desires of the person involved be considered above all else.

Unfortunately, it can be difficult to see beyond family history when searching for a resolution.  A skilled mediator is able to bring families together to discuss issues in even the most contentious situations.  The mediator can help family members find a fair solution that prioritizes the well-being of their elderly relative.

If you are concerned about an older family member or a dispute has arisen in your family regarding the care of a senior relative, mediation can help.  Contact PMV today at 540-854-9732.