Parenting Arrangements

A detailed parenting arrangement can be the best tool available to help divorced parents provide for their children.  Parenting agreements include information about how time with each parent is scheduled as well as how important decisions will be made.  Creating a blueprint for these issues before it is realized it’s needed, can avoid future arguments and confusion.

What is included in a parenting arrangement?

  • Issues related to discipline, including curfews, cell phone use, and entertainment
  • Information about health and well-being, including vaccination guidelines
  • Details for how decisions will be made about religion, education, and travel
  • Schedules for holidays and overall time with each parent
  • Transportation arrangements

Essentially, you should include in your parenting arrangement anything you foresee might become a source of future dispute.

Parents in Virginia and elsewhere who take the time to create and agree to a detailed parenting plan make the transition from marriage to divorce easier on everyone.  Such planning creates an environment in which generally fewer arguments or disputes will arise in the future.  In much the same way married parents would agree to raise their child a certain way, divorced parents can create a parenting arrangement with clear instructions for how decisions will be made and situations will be handled.  An experienced mediator can help you iron out the kinks and create the custom parenting plan that is tailored to your unique situation.  Call PMV today at 540-854-9732 to get started.